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December 23 2017


Yay for more snow in #Toronto. :) Let’s hope it stays in through #Christmas

December 10 2017

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Enjoying a small strip of Christmas lights on a rather dark #suburban residential street in #Toronto #bnwphotography

October 26 2017

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I’m a morning person but waking up to the early morning light in the #GreenMountains of #Vermont just makes the morning that much sweeter.

October 19 2017

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When I go #hiking, a few of the things I look forward to the most are the colours, the textures, and the perspective I get from experiencing the sense of scale. Thousands of years in the making. #exploreandwander #utah

October 12 2017

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#Hiking in #Ontario during the #Autumn season can be a bit hazardous. All the colours just make you want to look up all the time. #discoverOntario #exploreandwander

October 05 2017

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Thanksgiving long weekend is coming to #Canada. One of countless things to appreciate in my home province of #Ontario #algonquinprovincialpark #exploreandwander #autumn

September 28 2017

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Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere on a #roadtrip – looking for a sign … anything to provide you with inspiration on what to do next. Sometimes you just have to sit at the picnic table and look at the sign. #exploreandwander #nebraska

September 21 2017

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This would normally have been a “weeeee!” moment on the #GreenbeltRoute – unless you’re me looking back down the hill that I #cycled up by accident. Oops 😒 #exploreandwander #Ontario

September 14 2017

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So about a month ago when I was cycling the #GreenbeltRoute, I came across vast and beautiful fields of #kentuckybluegrass … not sure how I feel about all the land that is just being used to farm grass but apparently this is major business in #Ontario #exploreandwander

September 07 2017

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It’s September and I’m looking forward to some good #autumn #hiking soon. I’ve missed the autumn glow during sunset. #HardyLakeProvincialPark #Ontario #exploreandwander

September 01 2017

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Waking up and looking forward to a long weekend. #Toronto #cityscape #sunrise

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Waking up and looking forward to a long weekend. #Toronto #cityscape #sunrise

August 20 2017

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Off the Greenbelt Route and on to Yonge Street! Enjoying a leisurely ride during #OpenstreetsTO earlier this morning. #Toronto #cycletoronto

August 10 2017

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Day 7: Greenbelt Route completed! 😅 Over 500km pedaled, too many hills. This picturesque moment today was a good reminder why I wanted to see and meet more of my home province of #Ontario. There’ll be a set of lessons learned from this experience but I will be happy just to take a nap at this point. 😴 #ongreenbelt #GreenbeltRoute #discoverOntario

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Day 6: Today’s been about detours. Most of those detours led to more hills and fields (with more hills). Some led to small corner stores but they were closed. Of course once I arrived in Port Hope, I had to stop for a famous crazy cookie from Dreamer’s Cafe before continuing on to a hustling crazy busy Cobourg. Tomorrow’s the last stretch of the #GreenbeltRoute! Let’s finish this! 😎 (before I pass out…) #ongreenbelt #discoverOntario

August 08 2017

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Day 5: I will probably pass out but only after I stretch and eat some pizza. Today was all about hills. Hills to climb and speed down and too many steep hills that I just said “screw it” and pushed my bike up. The highlight however was a little corner store in Ashburn. They had butter tarts so I sat in the shade and gobbled one down before plowing up more hills while grumbling to myself… 😄 #tourcycling #ongreenbelt #GreenbeltRoute

August 07 2017

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Day 4: Today calls for rain, rain, and more rain with splashes of mud. Add on an expected road closure and it was an interesting day. Even got to #cycle past the 400 and the 404! Thank goodness for a hearty breakfast from the good folks at Inn on the Morraine and a quick stop at Tim Hortons. Now to try and dry off while camping… #discoverOntario #ongreenbelt #GreenbeltRoute #exploreandwander

August 06 2017

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Day 3: After waking up to the sound of the 401 highway at KOA campground 🙄, I made my way North to Caledon. On the way, I stopped at this perfectly-located General Store in Inglewood for a tuna sandwich and chocolate chip cookie! Got to chat with a couple from Georgetown and surprise…they grew up in my hometown of North York too! 😄

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Day 2: Even #cycling on #GreenbeltRoute, you can’t avoid advertising. I think I am craving ice cream now? On another note I am exhausted because I made a map error and rode 11km more. Oops. 😄 #discoverOntario #exploreandwander

August 04 2017

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And this is how my journey #cycling on the #GreenbeltRoute began today, sans the rain thankfully. And yes that would be my headlight photobombing many photos to come. 😂 #discoverOntario #exploreandwander

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